The gist of my knowledge

I hereby present you what I know, or at least the parts I’ve put in words.

To the right you find articles about principles, processes and methods from an Agile and UX coach perspective, as well as a short design portfolio.

Below are some podcasts and video clips of me speaking the words (in Swedish if not otherwise stated).

Product Discovery Meetup [English] (Crisp, May 2020)

Martin Christensen benar ut LeanUX (greppaUX #11, June 2019)

greppaUX - Martin benar ut LeanUX

Agile UX - Från Design Sprints till Mob (Agila Sverige 2018)

Lean Startup med Martin Christensen (AgilPodden #34, May 2018)

AgilPodden - Lean Startup

Tänk på användarupplevelsen (väg74 #20, January 2016)

Väg74 - Tänk på användarupplevelsen

Hur mäter man fluff (UX) egentligen? (Agila Sverige 2016)

Traditionell UX vs Lean UX (Crisp Agile Academy 2015)